COVID-19 News

New Mask Mandate In Effect at Church

Governor Inslee announced a new indoor mask mandate that is now in effect.  Children age 5 and under are excluded.  The mandate affects everyone, whether or not they are vaccinated.  We are excluding those who lead worship from the front.  Periodic disinfecting of high contact areas will continue.  There is GREAT VALUE in assembling together as God’s people.  Of course, please use discretion regarding your health and whether to attend.  We appreciate your patience as we do what we can to be safe and healthy.


UCC Administration Response to Recent Mask Mandates

The administration of Upper Columbia Conference released a letter in response to the recent re-instatement of the mask mandates across the states of Washington and Oregon. The letter concerns religious liberty issues and how those relate to church worship and mask mandates. To read the full letter, see





Four Things to Know About Vaccine Personal Religious Exemptions

Andre Wang, legal counsel of North Pacific Union Conference, reveals the key takeaways that you need to know about filing a personal religious exemption for vaccine requirements. To read his article, see


North American Division Position on Religious Exemptions

The NAD has posted its position regarding religious exemptions regarding vaccines, in addition to several other resources relating to COVID-19. For more information, see